Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Paris Fabric District

In September, 2009, John & I visited London & Paris.   The entire time we were in London, I was just itching to get back to Paris.   I absolutely love Paris & of course felt like Ms. Know It All given this was not my 1st trip to Paris. It was john's 1st trip to Paris.   Little did I know John would show me something I had never seen in my 'pre-marriage' trips to Paris.
Once we arrived in Paris we went nonstop.   Montmartre was one area I wanted John to see.  It is very different from the elegant main sections of Paris.   While in Montmartre, we somehow got separated for a bit.  When I finally found John he told me he had quite a surprise for me to see.   The surprise????    The fabric district of Paris!!!!   He somehow stumbled upon it while roaming around Montmartre.
The fabric district goes on for several streets.   It is literally just one store after another.    It seemed like every imaginable type of fabric, trim, etc. was available.
I felt like I was in heaven being in Paris.  But for me, Paris plus streets and streets of fabric stores truly seemed beyond heaven!!!

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