Sunday, February 14, 2010

Four-sided placemats

Can life get anymore exciting than four-sided placemats???  I hope so but until it does, four-sided placemats will have to do. 
I first heard about 4-sided placemats this past Friday at my monthly sewing club meeting. When the store owner passed around her sample of the 4-sided placemat she made, I knew I had to have the directions. Luckily, I bought the last set she had in the store.
The 4-sided placemats are based on a pretty neat design concept & luckily, are pretty simple to make. A plastic template is included with the directions and the template makes it so easy to cut out the fabrics. Ironing interfacing on each piece seemed to take longer than the sewing.
I hate to sound like a commercial but the possibilities for these placemats are endless.  Seasonal prints are the most obvious.  Four fabrics, each representing a season, could easily be used.  When the season changes, just flip the placemat to another side.
Imagine the fun someone could have making these placemats with children in mind.
I don't have much themed fabric on hand so I just used 4 different prints for the one in the photos.
The placemats measure 14" X 19" which is a good size for a placemat.  A dinner-sized plate and a place setting of silverware easily fit on the placemat.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Johanna Messenger Bag


I love messenger bags and am always on the lookout for new versions of them.  I found a new one this past week and made it up today.  I like this new one a lot.  It has a more casual look than the Leah and Linda Mini messenger bags I already offer on my web site.  This bag would also be a great travel bag!
I am calling this new messenger bag The Johanna Messenger Bag after my great grandmother.
The bag measures 12" L x 12" H x 1.5" W.   There are 2 slip-in pockets on the outside rear of the bag which would be great for a cell phone and keys.  On the lined inside there are 2 slip-in pockets .  The shoulder strap has a 15 inch drop from the top center of the strap to the top of the fold on the front flap.
The flapped front has a D-ring closure.
The bag shown is one of a kind because I don't have anymore of the quilted blue toile fabric I used for this bag.  The bag can also be ordered in any of the fabrics shown on my site,
I will be adding this bag to my site but in the meantime, please feel free to contact me for pricing and ordering.
Thanks for now.