Saturday, March 4, 2017

Jennifer Knitting Project Bags

Last weekend my nephew John's wife Jennifer, a very avid knitter, suggested I start making knitting project bags. Jen said she liked knitting project bags that she can toss in a larger bag because she doesn't want to carry 2 bags.
So, in pretty fast order, after some research & paying attention to Jen's suggestions, I made a few Jennifer Knitting Project Bags.
The zippered pouch style can be adjusted to hold various knitting projects. Per my friend Barbara 's suggestion, the pouch style includes a small case to hold things like a tape measure, scissors✂, stitch markers, etc. The strap is optional.
The handled bag is ideal for knitting/crocheting & walking at the same time. Just slip the handle over the wrist, pull out some yarn & start knitting or crocheting! The bag has a magnetic closure. It can be made about 1 inch larger all around. It has an outside pocket to hold small tools.