Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lisa iPad 1 or 2 Folding Case/ Notebook/ Stand

In January I began my quest for the perfect tech 'toy'. I bought & returned 6 tech gadgets since January. I really thought toy #5, a Motorola Xoom was a keeper. For any # of reasons,I returned it.
Finally, in May, I tried out the iPad2 and OMG, I was blown out of the water by what it can do. The iPad2 is a definite keeper.  I just love it.
However, I thought my iPad needed a cover that was both pretty and functional.  Luckily I found the perfect pattern for a cover in sewspoiled's etsy store.  The pattern is designed to fit both the first generation iPad & the iPad 2.
What is great about this cover is it has 2 viewing angles, one for using the virtual keyboard and the other for viewing photos, recipes, reading e-books,etc.  Typing is so much easier when the iPad is in one of these covers. 
The cover folds closed like a book when the tablet is not in use.
The cover can be made from single weight or quilted fabric. I used prequilted fabric for the ones shown below.
Don't have an Ipad??? Think gifts!!!!!
The introductory price is $30.00 + S & H when applicable.