Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another Lisa Ipad Folding Case

Web Viewing Angle
This week I made another Lisa Ipad Cover as a gift for my sister-in-law who recently bought an Ipad3.
I love making these covers as much as I love using one.  Not only are they very functional, but they are also beautiful and easy to use.
My husband John also deserves credit for his part in making the Ipad covers.  Masonite is used to create the 2 angles for typing and web browsing on the Ipad.  John has every tool known to man including an amazing tabletop saw that he uses to cut the masonite to the specs needed.  The masonite also adds additional protection for the iPad.
I hope my sister-in-law enjoys using her Ipad cover as much as I do!
Typing Angle
Typing Angle
Reading Angle

Closed Cover

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Top Simplicity 2977

 About a week ago I made my 3rd summer top from Simplicity 2977.  I love this top!
Two front panels cross over each other to create the v-neckline.  The top panel has gathering along the sides which I think adds a lovely soft feature to the top.
Although it doesn't show up in the photo, there is some purple in the fabric design which softens the effect of the black.
Similar to how I hemmed the sweater I made from Simplicity 2560 (shown in photo on top left), I used the rolled hem on my serger to finish the bottom of the top.   The neckline and armholes are finished with binding.
Three years ago I made the jacket and pants shown on the pattern envelope.  The above-the-waist jacket has a very flattering curved bottom and bell sleeves.   I even got to wear the jacket and pants when my husband and I had dinner at the Eiffel Tower in September, 2009.  How cool was that!!!
My husband John & I having dinner at the Eiffel Tower

Summer Sweater Simplicity 2560

 Yesterday I made a new summer sweater from a knitted rayon fabric I bought @Joanns last week.  Aside from the fact I have a new sweater, I am especially thrilled that the sweater cost me a grand total of only $4.88!
I sewed Simplicity Pattern 2560 View A.  From start to finish the sweater only took a couple of hours to make.
I serged most of the seams except for the top stitching around the seam that joins the band to the sweater.
The pattern calls for 1/2" wide hems on the sleeves and sweater bottom.  I took one good long look at that bottom hem and opted to add my own so-called designer touch, serged hems.  And I am so glad I did!   I used woolly nylon in the upper looper, lengthened the stitch and then serged around all hems.  The end result looks great.  The woolly nylon gives a beautiful smooth finish to the hems.
The bottom front and back are gathered at the top.  Several reviewers of Simplicity 2560 did not like the gathering but I do like the effect the gathering gives the sweater.
The front band creates an asymmetrical line to the sweater by making it longer in the front than the back. I wasn't too sure I would keep the asymmetrical look and  decided to 'sleep on it' last night.  Now I like it so am keeping it.
The sweater looks and feels pretty nice!