Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ruffled Scarves

Rizos Blue-SOLD!
Flounce Green-SOLD!
Ripple Neutrals-SOLD!
Ripple Jewels-1 available
Ronda Teal-SOLD!
Triana Purple & Violet
For the last several weeks I haven't been able to sew.  So, to keep myself busy, I have been knitting some absolutely gorgeous ruffled scarves.  As can be seen in the photos, depending on the ruffled yarn used, a totally different ruffled look can be created.
Ruffled scarves easily take simple to stunning, dull to dazzling, ordinary to outstanding.   I could obviously go on & on!
Consider a ruffled scarf for a wonderful holiday gift that will not break the bank.
The scarves described as Starbella are $25 each and the other individually named scarves are $30 each.
The scarves should be hand-washed & line-dried.  Each scarf averages between 44 and 54 inches in length.
The scarves shown are what is currently available.  Please email me to reserve a scarf for you!

Starbella Primaries-1 available
Starbella Denim-SOLD!
Starbella Pinks & Greens-2 available
Starbella Reds-4 available