Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Newest, Most Favorite Bag

I recently completed the bag shown in the photos. A couple of weeks before Christmas I first saw this bag on display in the sewing shop where I go to a monthly sewing club meeting. I fell in love with it and ordered the pattern.
This is one big bag!!! It could also be a great tote bag as it is incredibly roomy.
I did make some changes in the pattern. I added a total of 6 slip-in pockets to the inside, 3 on each side.  The pocket pattern was really sad which is why I changed it.
Instead of using a tie closure as suggested, I added a zipper closure. A tie closure would drive me beserk and also it doesn't offer any security.
One mistake I made is in the top binding. The leaves are going the wrong way, down instead of up!!! By the time I realized my mistake it really was too late to pull out all the top stitching, etc., so I decided to leave it alone.
The bag is fairly easy to make but it does involve a lot of time.
The bag shown in the photos was my Christmas present to me!

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