Saturday, March 4, 2017

Jennifer Knitting Project Bags

Last weekend my nephew John's wife Jennifer, a very avid knitter, suggested I start making knitting project bags. Jen said she liked knitting project bags that she can toss in a larger bag because she doesn't want to carry 2 bags.
So, in pretty fast order, after some research & paying attention to Jen's suggestions, I made a few Jennifer Knitting Project Bags.
The zippered pouch style can be adjusted to hold various knitting projects. Per my friend Barbara 's suggestion, the pouch style includes a small case to hold things like a tape measure, scissors✂, stitch markers, etc. The strap is optional.
The handled bag is ideal for knitting/crocheting & walking at the same time. Just slip the handle over the wrist, pull out some yarn & start knitting or crocheting! The bag has a magnetic closure. It can be made about 1 inch larger all around. It has an outside pocket to hold small tools.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Ellie Sling Pack

The Ellie Sling Pack is the newest bag at Arlene's Bags. The designer, Cloudsplitter Bags, describes the bag as "the perfect bag for someone on the go! Great little backpack/sling bag for day trips, biking, walking, vacations, and more!

The Summit has two zippered compartments for convenience. The front zipper has card slots and a pocket within. The central compartment has a padded gadget pocket and a zipper pocket. The back of the bag has an additional zippered pocket."
Dimensions: Approximately 16.25” tall x 11.25”tall x 3”deep (at widest points)