Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Sweater Simplicity 2560

 Yesterday I made a new summer sweater from a knitted rayon fabric I bought @Joanns last week.  Aside from the fact I have a new sweater, I am especially thrilled that the sweater cost me a grand total of only $4.88!
I sewed Simplicity Pattern 2560 View A.  From start to finish the sweater only took a couple of hours to make.
I serged most of the seams except for the top stitching around the seam that joins the band to the sweater.
The pattern calls for 1/2" wide hems on the sleeves and sweater bottom.  I took one good long look at that bottom hem and opted to add my own so-called designer touch, serged hems.  And I am so glad I did!   I used woolly nylon in the upper looper, lengthened the stitch and then serged around all hems.  The end result looks great.  The woolly nylon gives a beautiful smooth finish to the hems.
The bottom front and back are gathered at the top.  Several reviewers of Simplicity 2560 did not like the gathering but I do like the effect the gathering gives the sweater.
The front band creates an asymmetrical line to the sweater by making it longer in the front than the back. I wasn't too sure I would keep the asymmetrical look and  decided to 'sleep on it' last night.  Now I like it so am keeping it.
The sweater looks and feels pretty nice! 

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