Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Ruffled Scarves!!!

Night Clouds-3 available
Birthday Cake-3 available
Starbella Sea Breeze-3

Sashay Hip Hop
 2 left

Blueberry Twirl-Only 1!

Lately I haven't had a lot of time to sew which does drive me a tad crazy.  To stay relatively sane & because I just can't resist buying all the gorgeous ruffled scarf yarns I find, I have been knitting ruffled scarves like a wild woman.   

Today I added photos of several of the newest scarves I have knitted.
With spring right around the proverbial corner and because these scarves are made from an acrylic yarn, they will also look beautiful accessorizing a spring outfit or something as casual as a denim jacket.

The number of scarves available in each color is included in the caption.

The 2 'Sashay' scarves, HipHop and Ballet, have a very subtle silver metallic thread woven into the bottom edge of the yarn which gives the scarves just the slightest hint of bling.

Price per scarf: $25 + postage when applicable 

I will be updating this blog as I knit more scarves so please do check back regularly!

Sashay Ballet-1

Starbella Canyon Sunrise-1

Starbella Cinnamon Candy-1

Starbella Plum Preserves-3

Starbella Denim-3

Starbella Eventide-3

Starbella Wild Hydrangeas-Sold out!

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