Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Clematis Wristlets/Pouches

Today I finished making 2 new wristlets/pouches called the Clematis Wristlet/Pouch. I absolutely love the angled design of the Clematis. The Clematis has one inside picket & a detachable strap.
Notice that I refer to the Clematis as a wristlet/pouch. I do that because many people are put off by the term wristlet & say they would never carry one. I rarely carry mine & use my wristlets in whatever bag I might be carrying. Usually I have at least 2 pouches in my bag during the school year. I use them for chargers, makeup, pens, & meds.

I used prequilted fabrics & their coordinates for the 2 wristlets/pouches shown. I hope to make a few more before the holiday season begins. They make great gifts!
Price: $25 + postage

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