Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Elana Boho Bag

It wasn't until a few weeks ago when a student mentioned her Boho bag that I first heard of that style of bag. From what I could find it seems like a Boho bag refers to any large but hobo-ish type of bag. When I finally saw the student's bag I just about flipped! It was genuine leather and huge!!!! And gorgeous to boot.
It took awhile but I finally found a pattern that resembled the first Boho bag I saw. Inside it has a row of slip-in pockets on one side of the inside. On the other side I added a smaller pocket.
The bag has a button closure. The shoulder straps extend out from the body of the bag and because of the pintucks that are barely visible in the photos, end up pleated after being sewn together at the top. A contrasting fabric tab encloses the seam at the top of the strap.
This is one big bag. It measure 27" across and 20" high. To put it mildly, it holds a lot! I think it would be perfect for a student, shopping, travel or for just carrying just about everything someone owns!
Price: $50 + S&H when applicable
Outside Front

Contrasting Fabric Handle Tab

Inside of Boho Bag

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