Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cover for My Nook Cover

This past Tuesday I treated myself to a birthday present in the form of a Nook, the Barnes & Noble e-reader.  My friend Anne has a Kindle2 and just loves it.   At first, I didn't 'get it' about the e-readers.  But little by little my interest grew, especially after I started reading so much about them.
Well, I must say I am beyond thrilled with my Nook and wonder why I waited so long to buy one!
Recently my friend Anne asked me to make her a cover for her Kindle2 cover which I wrote about a few weeks ago: 
I decided my Nook cover should also have a cover.  So I designed and made one for it on Friday.   It still needs 'tweaking' but for now it works.  And like Anne's cover for her Kindle2 cover, my new cover is pretty.   Pretty is good!

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