Friday, May 14, 2010

Fold-Up Embellished Market Totes

The Anita Fold-Up Embellished Tote Bag

Finally back in stock are the gorgeous fold-up totes that I
embellish with machine embroidery.  All the ones I first
introduced sold out at the holiday sale in Nov., 2007.  

The bags are made from a very heavy duty waterproof nylon
and have brown faux leather handles and a snap closure over
the zippered top.

Being waterproof, the bags are an obvious choice to carry on
a rainy day (rain or shine, I carry mine to work every day).  But
they're also perfect for the beach, travel and shopping.

Measurements:  19 inches across and 17 inches tall.
Color choices: Lime green, yellow, rose, purple, royal blue
and light blue

Embroidery choices are almost endless!   Choose a
monogram, a single color design of a famous landmark,
career, hobby, sport, etc.
The designs shown measure about 6 inches high.
For more info please email me.

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